北朝鮮情勢、恐ろしいステップへの警告(Warning for the terrifying step on North Korea) ①

The terrifying step Trump better not take on North Korea
By YJ Fischer
Updated 1833 GMT (0233 HKT) May 10, 2018
2018年5月10日に更新された1833 GMT(0233 HKT)

(CNN)While President Donald Trump is walking away from the nuclear agreement with Iran, he is doubling down on negotiating with North Korea. Even as he scorns “a horrible, one-sided deal that should have never, ever been made,” he appears prepared to offer North Korea a concession that would be far more damaging than anything President Barack Obama even contemplated offering Iran: removing the roughly 28,500 US troops stationed in South Korea.

Such a move would be a huge win for North Korea and China and a major danger for South Korea and Japan, and it would send the message to other rogue regimes that it pays to develop nuclear weapons. If that’s the Trump Doctrine, it would be a disaster for the United States and the world.
このような動きは、北朝鮮や中国にとって大きな勝利であり、韓国と日本の大きな危険であり、核兵器を開発するために払う他の不正な政権にメッセージを送るだろう。それがトランプドクトリン(Trump Doctrine)であれば、米国と世界にとっては災害になるだろう。

Imagine if during the negotiations with Iran, Obama had offered to pull US troops out of the Middle East or to stop defending Israel? That wouldn’t just have been a non-starter — Republicans in Congress probably would have started impeachment proceedings.
イランとの交渉中に、オバマが中東から米軍を引き離したり、イスラエル防衛の停止を提案していたとしたらどうでしょうか?それはちょうど非スターターではなかっただろう – 議会の共和党員はおそらく弾劾手続きを開始しただろう

NATO’s first Secretary General Lord Ismay famously said that the Atlantic alliance was designed to “keep the Soviet Union out, the Americans in and the Germans down.” Similarly, Trump would do well to think of US troops in South Korea as keeping the Chinese out, the Americans in and the North Koreans down.

But Trump doesn’t seem to appreciate the national security benefits of our alliances or the risks of weakening them. Instead, he appears to view alliances as a burden. During the 2016 presidential campaign, Trump suggested that South Korea and Japan take care of defending themselves, even if they have to develop nuclear weapons to do so.

Trump either doesn’t know or doesn’t care that bringing US troops home would actually be more expensive than keeping them where they are, because South Korea pays nearly half the cost of their upkeep and is funding 92% of their new base. According to by NBC News, Trump wanted to pull all troops out of South Korea in February, but was talked down by Chief of Staff John Kelly. And this month, according to the New York Times (citing several people briefed on the deliberations), Trump ordered the Pentagon to develop options for drawing down troops. (The White House denies this.)
トランプはわかっていないか、あるいは米軍の帰還は実際に彼らをどこにでも置くよりも高価になるだろう。なぜなら、韓国は維持費の半分近くを払い、新しい基地の92%を調達しているからだ。NBC Newsによると、トランプは2月に全軍隊を韓国から追い出したいと考えていたが、ジョン・ケリーのチーフ・スタッフが話した。今月は、ニューヨークタイムズによると(いくつかの人々が審議について説明したことを引用して)、トランプはペンタゴンに軍隊を引き出すためのオプションを開発するよう命じた。(ホワイトハウスはこれを否定している)