The world’s best influencer is 21 years old! ②

A child of social media
Not surprising given the fact that I grew up in front of a TV camera, Kylie was always premature, especially in appearance.
“I was painting a purple eye shadow from the 6th grade, I wanted to be more confident in myself”
I watched a video of YouTube, and watched make-up by professionally watching make-up that my pro face gives on my face in TV appearance and photography. Because he was not confident about his lip, it was customary to show his outlines to the outside of his lip and to show his lip bigger. In August 14, he made a 17-year-old trademark as a phrase “Kylie · lip kit, a perfect lip style lip for you”. It was two years before I started my business.

Kim Kardashian West, a sibling older sister, had a plentiful hip, whereas Kylie became popular with its rich lips. Like Kim, I gained both name recognition and big money by utilizing “asset” of my body, but the latter seems to be particularly good at the latter. It is also a historical way.
“Social media is a wonderful platform, it’s really easy to access fans and customers,” says Kylie. The creation of social media and trends is almost all of her business. Hewlett – Packard started up at home garage, but Kylie did it at home kitchen table.

Kylie’s business empire consists of just seven full-time employees and five part-time employees. Production, packaging and packaging are outsourced to the manufacturers of private label products located in neighboring cities. Sales, orders, order management can be done with the EC platform “Shoppi”. Finance, public relations and actual business management are Kary ‘s mother and the master’ s Chris, and instead we receive a 10% management fee from the children.