The world’s best influencer is 21 years old! (完)

Does any company want to acquire Kylie Cosmetics? Tara Simon, senior president, Uriata’s merchandising planning major cosmetics company, says.
“For companies looking for brands that are popular among young customers, it will be an acquisition opportunity that will make a superior position in the blink of an eye”
For celebrity brands, corporate value of six times as much profit as other beauty related companies can not be attached. Nevertheless it would be possible to sell it at half its cost, or three times the revenue. Sarah Jindal of Market Research Company Mintel points out.

“I will not be surprised if Kylie transfers to another business in a few years, so if anything is to be sold using my name, whatever the goods themselves are,”
If you can earn such a lot of money a lot quickly, who will need a big exit etc? Kylie is going to get the title of “the youngest self-serving and self-made bilionaire in history” gained by former Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg during the year as well. She will change the definition of “making goods on your own”.
It was a big world.