Take a deep insight into Silicon Valley circumstances Tesla factory ②

Watanabe: When my house bought Tesla last year, the delivery system seemed to be confused, “I do not know where the car is”, and eventually, a huge trailer from Southern California around 10 p.m. Forcibly entered the residential area of ​​the city, I received a car directly from the driver of the trailer. In the dark, in a flashlight. It’s amazing operation, is that company.

Okumoto: Earon said in podcast “All employees worked more than 100 hours every week in September, it was really hard work.”

Watanabe: I went to the factory tour at the end of June, but the production line of Model S and Model X has stopped about 80%, Model 3 stands a huge tent separate from the production line so far I was making it and did not show it. The reason why the state-of-the-art manufacturing robot that dropped a huge amount of funds could not be used successfully is the reason why the number of models 3 could not be increased, but it seems that Model 3 is made by hand as a result.

In the comment that I saw on the Internet, “Although I am a doctoral student doing internship at Tesla, suddenly I was driven out to the factory and closed the bolt and the day ended, also said that Eylon was tightening the bolt” there were. And the day I went to the factory tour was coincidentally Eurong’s birthday, but on the same day he seems to have stayed at the factory. I did not see it.

Okumoto: In the interview, Eiron repeatedly said that it was “how hard it is to operate a car company”.

It was striking that it was said that Ford and Tesla were not going bankrupt in the American car company, and in For the next recession it was said that it was not sure what the Ford would be. After all, it is really hard to produce a car while managing many supply chains.

Watanabe: A man of Honda said that “Tesla’s factory is not so advanced – it is the biggest evil of the manufacturing industry and it is a situation that absolutely should not occur.”
Okumoto: I certainly have never heard that the line is not in operation at a factory in Japan.
Watanabe: It is the world’s highest peak.