SPEC~警視庁公安部公安第五課. #9 壬の回

In the middle of the night, snow is fluttering diagonally in a corner of the warehouse district. Ninomae, who appeared before Sebun, is laughing. Sebun’s bullet hits the sky and the blood squirts from his neck. The bullets of Toma, which merged over time, also stopped motion in front of Ninomae in the white light viewpoint. In the gap when he stopped, the moment when the triumphant Ninomae knife was pierced by Toma’s face, a smile came from his lips. Flying Ninomae, an astonishing expression.

The white light viewpoint is the poisonous wind and snow set by Toma. The damage received by Ninomae, who can move tens of thousands of times faster, is also tens of thousands times. It collapses in the poison that runs around.

The snow has stopped and the raw lights are about to go out from the lying body. Toma notices something like a discolored bruise behind his ears. It was the bruise of my unforgettable younger brother. “Sister” who can hear a faint whisper. Toma was stunned, and his gaze floated in the void.

我が意得たりという顔で現れた記憶を操る男、地居との最終対決が次回#10 癸の回。
The final confrontation with Jii, the man who manipulates the memory that appeared with the face of my own conviction, will be the next # 10 Hei.