–イーサン・ホークをキャスティングしたのはなぜですか? 彼は役者として彼が値するほどの評価を得られていないように思います。
-Why did you cast Ethan Hawke? He doesn’t seem to get the evaluation he deserves as an actor.

「彼自身もそう思っています! 自分で言っていました。彼はルネサンス的な男です。ミュージシャンであり劇作家で映画監督で小説家でもある。なんでもやるんです。私は彼の後退的なモードが好きなんです。そういう役者が好みなのです」
“He thinks himself! He was saying himself. He is a renaissance man. He is a musician, a filmmaker, a filmmaker, a novelist. I do everything. I am his regressive. I like the mode, I like that actor. ”

-Did Esan take some time to assume this role?

“No. I was thinking of him as I wrote a script, and I gave him a call the day after I sent him and said,” I want to do it “before somebody decides. Three actors in my head One was Jake Gyllenhalle and the other was Oscar Isaac, Ethan was about ten years older than them, and the ten-year gap was very important, he was 46. It was just the right age. ”

What do you think about Ethan’s pastor Toller?

“He is ill. It’s Kirkegor’s” disease to death “and despair. So when he meets the young Mary’s husband, he talks about” death disease “and” you are It suffers from it, which is his own suffering, there are many ways to treat it, writing diaries, prayers, worship, alcohol, trying all these ways, and getting the virus from the young man. It’s a virus called an environmental protection mission. ”

-Are you also worried about the destruction of the earth by humans?

“I think the seeds have made the decision. It’s already too late. We have chosen the comfort of the present over the survival of the future. We are being driven by technology as we think. We are the transition of evolution. I also think it’s in time. ”

–Are there any plans you are working on now?

“I’m working on a piece. I’m working on a few projects, but I’m not in a hurry. I want to taste now rather than rushing to make things, but I’d like to get closer to completion. I am writing for the sake of writing, but I think it’s also approaching when writing personal works. “