Next-generation smart lock “SESAME” opens a new door (完)

「世界展開する上でもっとも重視したのは、誰もが『SESAME』を簡単に使える仕様にしなければならないということでした。そのために、ヨーロッパやアジアのさまざまな国のカギの規格を研究しました。いくら最新テクノロジーを搭載したとしても、一般の人がうまく扱えない製品には何の意味もありません。『SEAME mini』は、日本向けに新たに開発した商品です。3Mテープで扉に貼るだけですので、工具を使う必要もありません。誰でも簡単に取り付けができるのです」
Aiming is the key platform ~ SESAME’s worldview
“What I emphasized most in developing the world was that everyone had to make specifications that make it easy to use” SESAME. “To that end, I studied the key standards of various countries in Europe and Asia Even if the latest technology is installed, there is nothing meaningless for products that ordinary people can not handle well.SEAME mini is a product newly developed for Japan, just pasting on the door with 3M tape No need to use tools, anyone can easily install it. ”

First of all, users will be surprised by the simple design of “SESAME”. Still, this product is packed with the latest technology. For example, the security level is comparable to a defense system of a certain military power. Also, it is to expand this smart locking area that made it possible to cooperate with various applications.
“Products that make use of technology must constantly evolve, I told you first, but what I want to achieve is to put all the key to carry around in a smartphone.

“SESAME” is not a product that was invented only for the key of the door of the house or the office. I would like to be able to respond to every key, such as a bicycle or a coin locker. That’s why we are publishing the API. For example, if a hotel management company applies the “SESAME” API to its own application, users may be able to check in and check out only by smartphones. If you are a shipping company, you will be able to use the locker to provide people with a system that can accept home delivery.

If the functions of “SESAME” are connected to services of all sectors, new service system can be constructed. This is my key goal, the key platform that centered on “SESAME”. With our company alone, it will never come true. ”
Already, “SESAME” users exceed 100,000 people in the world. Jarmin looks ahead and looks to open a new door.