Next-generation smart lock “SESAME” opens a new door ②

Jarmin strikes actions one after another in order to make this idea a reality.
Convinced by big echoes in the US cloud funding, “SESAME” surely succeeds
“At that time, the 3D printer was a big boom in Silicon Valley, I bought one for $ 2,000, first I made a prototype of the current” SESAME “at the university dormitory which was quite good work. There are lots of venture capital around Stanford University, and I went to PR for this at the beginning. ”

AIやIoTなど最新のテクノロジーの有効活用をスタンフォード大学で学んだジャーミンのプレゼンテーションはよほど説得力があったのだろう。この若者は、早々と30万ドルを調達し、その資金で製品化にこぎつける。2014年、在学中に、CANDY HOUSEを立ち上げた。会社名にもジョブズへの尊敬の念が読み取れる。テクノロジーを扱うことを売りにする会社ではなく、ユーザーにとって親しみやすい企業でありたいという思いから、アップル同様に身近な食べ物から着想を得たのだ。
Jarmin’s presentation that I learned at Stanford University to make effective use of the latest technology such as AI and IoT seems to have been very convincing. This young man earns 300 thousand dollars as soon as possible and finances it as a product by using the fund. In 2014, while I was in college I started CANDY HOUSE. You can read the respect of Jobs in company name as well. It was not a company that sells technology to sell, but because of the desire to be a company friendly to the user, I got inspiration from familiar food as well as Apple.

“We announced” SESAME “for the first time in” Kickstarter “, a famous cloud funding site in the US in 2015. Then, we gathered funds of 140 million yen far beyond the initial target amount Taking this result to venture capital, we got another 130 million yen loan.This has made a way to mass production.In the United States, if you start something, use cloud funding Because it is a routine means because it clearly knows not only money but also empathy can be obtained in your idea.As a result, with the echo on this site, I was convinced that my mistake is no mistake ”

After that, Jarmin pushed against the opposition of the family, dropped out of Stanford University, and chose a path devoted to the project. Since the idea was born, the time it took to start up, fund procurement, and commercialization was only about a year. “SESAME” with all the latest technologies spread to the world in a blink of an eye.