God hand doctor of colorectal cancer “100% cure if it is found at an early stage” (完)

Kudo’s doctor to use early to find recessed cancers is a “super expanded endoscope”.
“Although the usual expanding endoscope can zoom up to 100 times, my endoscope will capture the nucleus of the gastrointestinal mucosa with its enlarged up to 500 times, which will result in a slight color change in the intestinal wall For observation, it is not missed even with a recessed type cancer.You can find “stage 0” before that as well as “stage I” (same as before)

The examination using this endoscope takes about 30 minutes even by a skilled specialist, but doctor Kudo is only 5 minutes. The examination cost is 7500 yen at 30% burden. Doctor Kudo advises patients who actually undergo colonoscopy.
“Colonoscopy is one of the most difficult tests, and those who take the test recommend choosing colon cancer specialty clinics or hospitals that have the latest equipment and specialists with a large number of experienced exams ”

Currently, doctor Kudo is working on pathological diagnosis combining endoscopic exam big data and AI. If it is put into practical use, the discovery of colorectal cancer will go even faster.