Crisis of delisting “Nissan Motor”! Chairman · Ghon suspects Qian Geba exposed(完)

Although details on the personal diversion of Gorn were not disclosed, Nissan who received the internal report had conducted in-house investigation over several months.
Furthermore, in this case, the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office experts have found out that they have agreed with the Nissan concerned about “judicial dealings“.
The judicial trading system that began in June this year can alleviate the prosecution and punishment of prosecution in return for suspects and defendants stating to clarify the criminal facts of accomplices. The subjects are financial economic crime such as bribery, tax evasion, fraud, firearms / drug crime, violation of antitrust law and copyright law.

Mr. Wakasa Katsu, a deputy general manager of the former Tokyo District Public Prosecutors’ Office, said, “The Financial Instruments and Exchange Act is also subject to judicial transactions.This case has been clarified by internal reporting, and a misstatement of the securities report The other internal people should also be involved, and that they talk about corruption is a great evidence for the investigative authorities. ”
At the Nissan press conference on the 19th, the reporter also got a view from the press as “a coup d’etat.” President Nishikawa said, “As a result of the investigation, fraud has appeared and it is eliminated, I do not want you to take it in the wind as” coup d’etre “, but the word” removal “feels the company’s strong will.

Although Nissan “broke away” with Gon suspected of tremendous power, the bright future is never opened.
Renault shares, which Gon suspects also serve as president, have already plummeted. The influence on Nissan body and Mitsubishi Motors that connected capital relationships is inevitable, and it seems that there is a possibility that negative impact will spread to the entire automobile industry in Japan.

夕刊フジ / 2018年11月21日