Crisis of delisting “Nissan Motor”! Chairman · Ghon suspects Qian Geba exposed  ②

「週刊文春」が今年5月、《日産ルノー連合トップのドロ沼離婚訴訟 「夫カルロスゴーンは私の首を絞めた」》という見出しの記事を報じたのだ。記事には、前妻のリタ・ゴーンさんが登場し、ゴーン容疑者によるDVや現在の妻との“不倫疑惑”を告白している
“Weekly Bunshun” reported in May this year an article titled “Nissan Renault Federation top Dro mars divorce case” “Husband Carlos Ghosn narrowed my head” “. In the article, a former wife Rita Ghosn appeared, confessing Don V of Gon suspects and “current suspicion of affair” with his wife.

Hisao Inoue, a journalist familiar with the automotive industry, said, “Inside Nissan, Ghosn used private company money as a divorce expenses fee for the previous wife and personal property owned by Nissan in New York as a private office It is presumed that it was. ”
Gon suspects that the Nissan side used multiple houses purchased in four countries, such as the Netherlands, for free.

Gone is reportedly wedding ceremony at the present wife and the French / Versailles palace, but there are also rumors that that money was spent on the company as well.
Gone suspects who had been whispering in the company “greedy of greed” is said to have adversely affected other foreign employees.

Mr. Inoue said that “Gon suspects” privatizing “the company was known within the company, so it is said that general foreign employees had behaved similar to Gon suspects. Even though it was not, there was a voice saying that “Nissan was being a food for foreigners”, seeking officer-level welfare benefits.