“contradiction” to dream while accepting reality ③

“Accept reality” and at the same time “see a dream straight”
Then, back to the topic of the beginning, I would like to explain how to simultaneously “accept reality” and “draw a dream” at the same time.
The time axis of the event from which the thought of “accepting reality” comes from is the one that has occurred in the past “past” including present. Naturally realistic thinking is based on what actually happened.

Conversely, “pursuing ideals” is in the future where the time axis of thought does not include the present. It is not ideal if it exists in reality at the present time.
In other words, it will become a realistic thinking if you receive more influence of the business that happened now or in the past, and it will be ideal based thinking if you receive more influence of possible future events.

Here, “seeing the reality” and “seeing a dream” can be contradictory because it is rather difficult for a person to see the right while looking at the left in a limited thought frame. Furthermore, when subjectivity is added, the bond between the thought frame and the subject that is the target of that subjectivity becomes stronger, and it becomes impossible to see with both thought frames.

For example, in response to the question “Which of the following is the life of one person or the lives of many people?” Most of the people will choose the lives of many people unless subjectivity enters, but that one life If you are a child or a very important person, you can not grasp it with other thought frames and the answer will change.

The same as that, for example, if subjectivity such as “I made a very painful feeling” is added from the present / past events, the connection with the past thought frame becomes stronger and the future thought frame diminishes, and as a result A phenomenon called “You can not draw a dream if you feel hard and painful in reality” happens.