Brexit(EU離脱)のための “ビジネスフレンドリー” な、英国の計画(完)

Jaguar Land Rover, Britain’s biggest carmaker with 40,000 employees, cautioned this week that a bad deal would slash its profits by £1.2 billion ($1.6 billion) a year. Airbus (EADSF) and BMW (BMWYY) also issued dire warnings.
The plan announced Friday acknowledges that banking and other UK service industries, which make up the vast majority of the UK economy, would lose some access to European markets.
英国最大の4万人規模の自動車メーカーJaguar Land Roverは、今週、悪い取引で年間利益が12億ポンド(16億ドル)減ると警告した。エアバス(EADSF)とBMW(BMWYY)も悲惨な警告を発した

But Britain’s biggest business lobby group, the Confederation of British Industry, welcomed Friday’s announcement as a “good starting point.”
“This is a genuine confidence boost and the prime minister deserves credit for delivering a unified approach” said Carolyn Fairbairn, CBI director general, in a statement.
しかし、英国最大のビジネスロビー団体である英国産業連盟(the Fedederation of British Industry)は、金曜日の発表を「良い出発点」として歓迎した。
CBIのディレクターであるキャロリン・フェアバーン(Carolyn Fairbairn)は、「これは真の信頼回復であり、首相は統一されたアプローチを実現するための信用を得なければならない」と述べた。

Yet elements of the plan are likely to be unacceptable to the European Union.
The world’s biggest trading bloc only grants unfettered market access to countries where all its citizens have the right to live and work. May wants to end this freedom of movement, replacing it with a vague “mobility framework.”
世界最大の貿易圏は、市民全員が生きて働く権利を持つ国々に自由に市場アクセスできるだけです。 Mayは、この動きの自由を終わらせ、それを曖昧な「モビリティフレームワーク」に置き換えたいと考えています。

The UK government plan also calls for a future customs arrangement under which Britain would collect EU tariffs on goods bound for the bloc.
Doing so would allow the United Kingdom to set its own tariff rates, and negotiate its own trade deals. Such a proposal would almost certainly be rejected by the European Union.

“I’m afraid this is nonsensical fudge from the UK Government,” said David Henig, a former UK trade negotiator and director of the European Centre for International Political Economy. “Essentially they’ve changed the language from earlier, but not the approach.”
元英国の貿易交渉担当者であり、国際政治経済の欧州センターのディレクターでもあるデイビッド・ヘンギは、「これは英国政府からの無意味なファッジであると危惧している。 「基本的に、彼らは言語を以前のものから変更したが、アプローチは変更していない」

Still, the plan could help move negotiations forward.
“It has taken two years for the UK to agree its position; we now have two months to agree it with Europe,” said Fairbairn.