Brexit(EU離脱)のための “ビジネスフレンドリー” な、英国の計画①

British Prime Minister Theresa May and her government have agreed a “business-friendly” plan for Brexit.
Announced at the end of a crucial summit on Friday, the proposal seeks to preserve frictionless goods trade with the European Union, and avoid the border checks and tariffs most feared by manufacturing companies.

In a statement, May said she would present the proposal to EU officials quickly. Both sides want a deal by October, before Britain leaves the European Union in March, 2019.
Despite the show of government unity on Friday, the plan is likely to anger members of May’s party who favor a clean break with the European Union. But it will be welcomed by companies in Britain and around the world.
声明で、5月はEUの関係者に迅速に提案書を提出すると述べた。 2019年3月に英国が欧州連合を脱退する前の10月までに、双方は取引を望んでいる。

May’s plan calls for the United Kingdom and the European Union to establish a free trade area that would allow goods and agricultural products to move across borders without delays.
In return for unfettered access to its biggest export market, the United Kingdom would commit to following EU rules and regulations on goods. It would also accept a limited role for bloc’s top court.

The UK government said the proposal marks a “substantial evolution” in its negotiating position, and it includes concessions that would maintain closer ties with the European Union than May had previously sought.
UK, European and Japanese businesses have long complained about uncertainty over the UK government’s plans. With just nine months to go until Brexit, their growing anxiety was reflected in a series of increasingly insistent warnings in recent days.
英国、ヨーロッパ、日本の企業は、英国政府の計画に対する不確実性について長い間不満を抱いてきた。 Brexitまでわずか9ヶ月で、不安が高まってきたことは、最近、ますます強くなっている警告に反映されています。

by Charles Riley @CRrileyCNN