自家撞着の改革をやめて「土着の知」に戻れ ③

Japanese people are unlikely to have a negative aspiration for the current situation, a desire for transformation to be abnormally strong. Heisei was an era when I tried to realize that self denial with the collapse of the bubble as a trigger, so that Japan itself became like an anorexia and ended up suffering. Although it is not Nietzsche, he tried to recover, but he chose a prescription to hasten her earlier instead.

There is a strong belief that you should not settle in a cozy state or depend on what you are good at. The sense of resistance and pain I feel when I throw them away is the wall to overcome for level up and I feel pleasant to say, “Do not run away, I must endure and grow.”

Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi advocated “Painful reform”, and that is the best. Even if there is a necessity for reform, if pain is nothing you can do without it is not better to be better. However, when “accompanied by pain” arrives, it is said that “Oh, this is real.”
It is a very interesting thing whether it is “innate” such as ethnicity of ancestor, or “acquired” that was learned in the process of advancing modernization / westernization since Meiji era.

“Resetting the country” is supposed to be a terrible idea by nature
Nakano: In a Japanese aspiration desire, it seems that there is a strong desire for resetting self-denial that “I want to turn myself up to date” rather than the future orientation of “I want to transform into what”. Prime Minister Abe also said in New York that “I will reset Japan,” mayor Mayor Osaka Mayor Osaka said “Great Reset”. Last year Yuriko Koike governor also advocated “to reset”.

Resetting the state and society is supposed to be horrible in nature. If you try to reset Japan seriously, for example, it will change the language itself of Japanese. Or, Europe is going to be so, but we will change the national character by putting in immigrants in large quantities. “Resetting the country” is such a dangerous revolutionary thought.

However, everyone is listening without having to fear such extreme words. When a politician tells me to “reset”, I feel that it will be a nice sound for some reason. I guess there is such sensitivity in the people today.
The abolition of Japanese is being claimed from Meiji. Of course, it also came out after the defeat. Usually it will be said that English, Naoya Shiga prefers in 1946, “Change to French.” It seems that he was fluent in French if she said that if she said that she was the most beautiful word in the world, she could not actually talk.

In the 1990’s, when the Internet became popular, it came out. That being said, Japanese characters are hard to read unless they are full-width characters. You can restart your alphabet by hand. Then you can transmit twice as much information, and you can not compete with Western countries in the digital age, as it is. That ‘s why it’ s English!
In other words, I went into Heisei and saw that the self-denial wishful living in modern Japanese people sprang from the economic frustration after the collapse of the bubble rather than a new movement that has never existed I will.

However, I feel that tiredness is about to be reformed only on the surface of such consciousness. In the year 2017, when a research firm in the United States carried out “Surveying the enthusiasm for the businessman of the world”, in Japan the proportion of “enthusiastic employees” is only 6%, it is the world’s lowest class It is said that.
I was surprised to hear that. Because, in the early 1990’s, I said “Can you fight 24 hours” on nutritional supplemental “regain” commercials? The transition of the catch phrase of CM is on the website of Daiichi Sankyo Healthcare, which is making regain, but the thing which was first “Can you fight 24 hours” got better as I followed the era In the copy of 2014, “Do you think you can fight for 3 or 4 hours?”

Looking back on the process from the time of the bubble to the present, in fact, it was better when people responded unconsciously to the situation on the spot without thinking too much, in accordance with an implicit custom. If you change consciously “making a society consisting of American, autonomous individuals”, it is rather worse, I think that there is the aspect that everyone got tired.