Local Azuma wide area fire department headquarters “Endlessly big loss”

A fireworks helicopter “Haruna” in Gunma prefecture crashed in the mountains of Nakanojo town in Gumma Prefecture, and 17 people were killed in the accident every 9 people died, one week in a day. Six out of nine people including Akihiro (38), who was on loan to the prefectural disaster prevention air corps, were members of the local Azuma wide area firefighting headquarters (Higashi Azuma Town in the same prefecture) It was “rescue specialist”. On the same day I met with an accident while checking the dangerous spots etc from the sky in preparation for getting out when a climber’s distress occurred at “Gunma rural border ridge line” trail. The sadness and shock of officials who lost six elite who have supported the local safety and security at one time are deep. 【Kamiuchi Sei, Shimabukuro Daisuke, Li Sun】

Mr. Tamura Ken (47) was the first leader in the headquarters to take the qualification as a guidance and life rescuer and to lead an emergency life-saving person. In January this year, when 12 skiing passengers were killed or wounded due to the eruption of the local book (original) Shiraneyama (Kusatsu-cho, the same prefecture), we will go out to the scene with Mizuho Yosuke (42) and others . I took command of rescue activities. Mr. Tamura later confessed to his acquaintance, “I saw a blizzard so amazing that I could not see it and I thought I was going to die.”

Hiroshi Kuroiwa (42) is a specialist of rescue activities using ropes, saying that it was an indispensable person in the same headquarters that has a mountainous area, and as an executive committee member of a prefecture firefighter rope rescue technology to disseminate and improve Was also active. Mr. Shozo Machida (44), a colleague who is the chairman of the convention committee chairman, said, “I was a friend with the same intention … ….”

“It was enough to think that it was born to help people, reliable.” Self-employed work by Mr. Hachisuka (Hachikasa) Masaya (43) and his son is a classmate, Sayaka Kanai (72) = Nakanojo Town = in summer six or seven years ago, my mother is hypertensive because of my childhood When fell down, the appearance of Mr. Hachisuka who was rushed by an ambulance and ordered instructions to other emergency personnel quickly is still being seen. On the day of the accident, I was unable to move from the front of the TV where the news flows because of the shock. “Do not happen again such a miserable accident, the related organizations want us to verify the cause of the accident and make a measure to prevent recurrence.

For the same headquarters where fire brigades were about 120 people, the impact of losing six people who had abundant knowledge and experience of rescue activities at once was immeasurable. Fire leader Nobuyuki Koike said, “I will not bear concern with endless endless losses, I want to pass on the knowledge and skills that everyone left, and strive to improve the firefighting and disaster prevention capabilities of the area.”