ヨーロッパの移住問題を解決する、ドイツのメルケル①(Migration ‘make or break’ issue for Europe, warns Germany’s Merkel)

Berlin (CNN)Migration could be a “make or break” issue for the European Union, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said in an impassioned speech Thursday ahead of a critical EU summit.
She pressed the German Parliament to back a tough but humane asylum and migration policy for the European Union, warning that if Germany fails to support that, migration issues could define Europe’s destiny.

EU leaders are meeting in Brussels on Thursday and Friday for a European Council summit that was supposed to focus on Brexit. Instead, with little progress on that front and high-profile disagreements over the fate of migrants rescued at sea, migration has come to the fore.
In a striking appeal to her own parliament for European solidarity, Merkel unpicked some of the most contentious problems pitting members of the European Union against each other.
EU首脳は木曜日と金曜日にブリュッセルでBrexitに焦点を当てるべき欧州理事会の会談を予定している。 代わりに、海上で救助された移住者の運命をめぐる前向きな意見や意見の不一致がほとんど進展せず、移住が始まった。

“Those who come to Europe cannot choose which EU country they want to seek asylum in,” she said. “Secondly, we cannot leave those countries where asylum seekers arrive to deal with (the problem) alone.
“If we do not get an agreement with the 28 EU member states, we will then need to consider a coalition of the willing on migrant policy. We need to find better solutions.”
「ヨーロッパに来る人は、どのEU加盟国が亡命を求めているのかを選ぶことはできない」と彼女は語った。 「第2に、私たちは、亡命希望者が到着する国々(問題)のみを離れることはできません。

Macron urges European solution
French President Emmanuel Macron echoed Merkel’s message of cooperation as he arrived for the summit in Brussels.
“This subject is now not new,” he said. “This has been a live issue in Europe since 2015. There is one alternative that I want to propose today: Do you want a national solution or a European solution which is cooperative?”
「このテーマは今や新しいものではない」と彼は語った。 「これは2015年以来のヨーロッパでの生きている問題です。私が今日提案したい1つの選択肢があります:あなたは国家的解決策または協調的な欧州的解決策を望んでいますか?

Meanwhile, European Council President Donald Tusk urged EU leaders to focus on the bloc’s external border, including a proposal for so-called “regional disembarkation platforms” outside Europe to help stop the flow of migrants attempting perilous sea crossings.
Europe’s cooperation with third parties had already helped to reduce the migration flow by 96% since 2015, Tusk said.
一方、欧州理事会のドナルド・タスク(Donald Tusk)欧州連合(EU)首脳は、危険な海峡を横断しようとしている移民の流れを止めるために、欧州外のいわゆる「地域の下船プラットフォーム」を提案するなど、

“The alternative to this solution would be a chaotically advancing closure of borders, also within the EU, as well as growing conflicts among EU member states,” he said.
“Some may think I am too tough in my proposals on migration. But trust me, if we don’t agree on them, then you will see some really tough proposals from some really tough guys.”
One of those taking a hardline approach to migrants entering Europe is Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban. “The invasion should be stopped. And to stop the invasion means to have strong border control, and we have that,” he said as he arrived in Brussels.
欧州に入国する移住者に強硬なアプローチを取っている人の1人は、ハンガリーのヴィクトル・オルバン首相です。 ブッシュ大統領がブリュッセルに到着したとき、「侵攻を止めるべきであり、侵略を止めることは強い国境管理をすることを意味する。

Orban, who also opposes the quota system to redistribute migrants across EU countries, said the bloc must deliver “what the people really request” on migration in order to restore European democracy.
Hungary’s Parliament passed a law last week that criminalizes helping undocumented immigrants, including asylum seekers.

By Atika Shubert, Nadine Schmidt and Laura Smith-Spark, CNN