ボーッと生きてんじゃねえよ、ニッポン人!(完)(Being alive with a daze, Nippon people)

How to work and reform “blank Japanese”
However, in contemporary times competition disappears and it seems to be peaceful, as long as there is no obstacle only at the present moment without noticing the change of the environment on the other hand, it seems to be peaceful, and it is OK, even against some wrongs, the “tendency to pretend” trend It is prevalent in the world.

How long will such a “blurry society” last? If competition is not done, only the vested interests are protected, and then only a consecration is followed, people will become increasingly frustrated without thinking about things more and more. No new idea is born in such a society, and it will never happen by innovation without merely living in the value of the company that he works for.

Even in the world of politics, there is no feeling that it has been much helped by the lack of awareness of these “unaware office workers”. However, society is definitely changing. The “working way reform” bill under discussion now recommends to this lively salaried worker, such as correcting long hours work, improving working conditions of irregular employment, expanding discretionary labor system, etc. are doing.

Being alive with a daze, Nippon people!
Whether it is a planning to realize a rich consuming society by giving free time without tying a salaried worker to a company, to allow them free time and acknowledge side jobs is a samurai in the Edo period You should be aware that you have the same effect as forgiving the exchange with other clan and making you aware of the changing world. It may be a catalyst to put a feeling of crisis on the samurai who had long been restless in the world of peace. As soon as this bill was enforced, many Japanese, Japan alone can not live forever in this galapagos world, and lagging behind China and Asian countries emerging in new industrial fields such as sharing economy It may lead to recognizing the current situation in Japan. There may be opportunities to notice the serious institutional fatigue of Japanese society.

If you think so, this way of working is likely to be a silver bullet for waking Japanese people with peaceful blur from “the dream of Taiping.” Being alive with a daze, Nippon people!