The brain ages with “a good life for health”? ②

People who do not have “stain” on their skin are hard to blur!
Perhaps it is rude way of speaking, will not you feel suddenly getting old by looking at the person you met for the first time in a while? At this time, what we judge as “suddenly getting old” is the appearance of spots and wrinkles. In addition, as can be seen from the fact that cancer patients increase marks and wrinkles very much, spots are not only aging but also signs of disease.

On the other hand, there are neither spots nor wrinkles, beautiful appearance, and the way of talking is also well-ordered, and the author receives impression far from blur and so on. People with a lot of spots on their skin can not be said to have a lot of stains in their brains, but those who live such that spots on the skin increase will likely have a lot of spots on their brains. The major cause of skin spots is ultraviolet light, but in reality it may be that it is in a condition that makes it easy for spots to stain in the body. What kind of stuff is easy to stain?

First, there is a kind of adhesive called “tight junction” that connects them to cells and cells. If it loosens, it will cause various obstacles in the body. For example, the skin of children with atopic dermatitis is rough, but this is a condition where the tight junction of the cells of the skin is loose and it is in a state that it is easy for toxins to enter. Therefore, it is easy to invade foreign objects from rough skin, so it is known that allergies tend to occur.
Besides, there is a symptom that occurs in the “bowel“, “Leky Gut syndrome (intestinal leak syndrome)”. The inflammation of the intestinal mucosa progresses, the tight junction connecting the intestinal cells is loose, a hole is opened in the intestinal wall, causing intestinal leakage.

Actually, something that is happening in the skin and intestines is also taking place in the brain. The tight junction that connects the cells of the brain with the cells loosens, and it is supposed to be in a state where unnecessary elements are likely to enter the brain. The state where the tight junction is loose is called “leaky skin” in the case of skin, “leaky gut” in case of intestine, but in the case of brain it is called “leaky brain”. Now, the number of people who are in the state of “leaky blain” is increasing. In other words, “brain’s leaning state” is occurring. So what causes “leaky blaine” to happen?